Artist Statement:

As an artist, I am a witness to my community.  My art is a visual record of what I see, showcasing the beauty in the everyday, touching on emotions, inter- and intra-personal relationships, referencing the past and the future. As a photographer, I want to have a good understanding of the historical aspects of the craft. It is through this understanding that photography is able to reach its fullest potential.  I create imagery with contemporary overtones, yet reference past traditions. I experiment with the photographic process, both in the creation and final presentation of the work. My practice also includes video, installation and happening elements, but the photographic image is always central to the work. I create environments where my audience can participate in the creative act, encouraging them to expand the experience. I want to see how far I can push the medium.  How far I can expand the idea of what a photograph can be, how it can be made, and what it can look like.

All images copyright Laura Brent

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Laura Cofrin

An artist working in the space and spirit of the New West, artworks featuring photography, video, installation and happening elements. A contemporary practice with historical references.

Seeking gallery representation in major metropolitan areas.

Mother at the ‘Fridge, Laura Brent, 2007